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Lincolnshire Rape crisis aims to provide a great service. We want to know what your thoughts are on how we’re doing and how you think we could improve our services. If you want to share your ideas, your opinions or make a complaint about a service you have received, we want to hear from you. Please, get in touch.

You can read our full complaints & feedback policy by clicking on this link.

Ways to get in touch

If you want to write to us, you can address your correspondence to the Service manager, Lincolnshire Rape Crisis, 14 Melville Street, Lincoln LN57HW.

If you’re making a complaint, please make the details of your complaint as clear as possible and mark your correspondence private and confidential.

You can also get in touch with us by email, by writing to

You can download a copy of our Complaints and Feedback Policy here.

You will receive written acknowledgement within 5 working days of the complaint along with a copy of the Complaint and Feedback Policy.

If you want to call us with your complaint, you can get in touch on 01522 716320.

A staff member, with your agreement, will complete a complaints form with you. This will then be passed to the Service Manager. If you’d rather speak to a manager directly an appointment for a call back will be arranged with you.


'Enabled me to speak about my experiences'

'I am more able to go out and about without undue fear'

'I can sleep better and I feel more confident about myself'

'You have supported and listened to me'

'I was able to talk through the trauma and discover ways to manage it'

'I never felt uncomfortable or worried about appointments - which in the past I had done with other services'

'Service was great'

'I understand now that I always have options and shouldn't feel trapped'

'Support workers listen to you without judging, offering you the best steps forward'


In May we contacted you to ask you to participate in our client consultation. This is because we want our service to reflect your needs.

We listened to you.

85% of respondents expressed interest in group work. We are now piloting our survivors group. The survivors attending have agreed group rules, a structure and ideas for the sessions. 

We have also held several research focus groups in which external researchers have explored positive and negative experiences of accessing support from a variety of agencies and organisations. 

We introduced feedback postcards. These are anonymous and you can tell us what we have done well, what we could do differently and what you feel your achievements are whilst working with us. These can be found in our Women's Centre (next to the comments box), in our Men's Room (on the coffee table), you can ask your support worker for one, or you can contact us and ask us to post one to you.

We want to hear from you. You have the power to shape the future of and develop our service with us.