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By Women for Women

We understand how much bravery it takes to even consider sharing your experience of sexual violence. We are here to listen to you and to believe you. 

We know how enormous the impact of rape, abuse and childhood sexual abuse can be and how this can affect every aspect of your life. 

We are here to provide support, in our women only space, to help reduce the impact of such an experience and to help you regain control of your life.

There are many myths held around the causes of rape, sexual violence and childhood abuse, which make it particularly difficult for women to come forward. These may include ideas on how a woman is dressed, whether they are drunk, or that rape is only committed by strangers. Statistics demonstrate that 90% of rapes are committed by somebody the person knows. We believe that the responsibility for all rape, sexual violence or abuse always sits with the perpetrator.

We recognise that rape and sexual violence is a gendered crime, which is predominantly perpetrated by men against women and children. In response to this, we offer you a women only space. 

Our trained support staff will always make you feel welcome, won't judge you and will always believe you. We believe in empowering the women and girls that we meet with, which means that you will always be in control of the support that you receive. 

You will never be told to do anything and we'll always endeavour to be transparent and considerate in the support that we deliver. Our team of women are fully trained in their roles and have regular support. You can speak freely and openly to them without fear of upsetting or distressing them.

When you are ready to talk or share your experiences, we're ready to listen.